Wildling Workshop - Nutritious Family Food

Sunday 7th February 2016, Norfolk UK. £125.

Many of us want to make changes to our eating habits and provide our children with wholesome, healthy and tasty food - yet we lack the knowledge and inspiration to make permanent and meaningful changes. If you have a pantry filled with healthy ingredients but have yet to introduce them to your daily meal preperation or find a way to satisfy your sweet tooth then you’re not alone.

The aim of our next workshop is to provide the tools and inspiration to help you identify foods to avoid, staples to stock-up on and the knowledge to develop some core recipes as a building block for change.

Nurturing Kitchen
Jo Balfe Nurturing Kitchen
Nurturing Kitchen Jo Balfe
Wildling Workshop Family Nutrition
Willding Workshop Nurturing Kitchen
Nurturing Kitchen

Jo Balfe, is a self taught holistic cook who specialised in raw foods whilst living and working in Australia before coming back to Norfolk where she began sharing her passion for plant-based vibrant foods. Becoming a mother has redefined her role as a nurturer and her aim is to create recipes which satisfy the whole family whilst being fun, economical, ethical and free from dairy products, gluten and refined sugar. Via her blog Nurturing Kitchen, Jo focuses on sharing simple, tasty plant based foods which will appeal to young children and adults

Jo Balfe Nurturing Kitchen

The day will begin with a presentation on Jo’s pantry staples and ingredients we should avoid before a series of demonstrations on making nut milk, smoothies and Jo’s special ‘abundance bowls’. Following this session, Jo will talk a little about food styling before attendees will have a go at getting creative to make a dish look truly divine. Following lunch we will turn our sights to sweet treats including raw cake, chocolate making, cake decorating and energy balls.

We are so excited to share this experience with a small group of foodies in the beautiful setting of Norfolk. To book your place, email us at info@wildlingmagazine.com for all the info.