Artisan Profile - Summer Murdock

Words and photography by Summer Murdock (follow her on Instagram)

I have had an interest in imagery since I was a kid. I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood with my 110mm camera dangling from my wrist but I was not taking anything very good back then. I took a film class in college and really wanted to major in photography but I let my fear of never being able to get a job get the best of me and went for “practical“ instead. I don't have many regrets in life but I do regret giving into that fear. Other than that class, I am self-taught. I really didn’t get a firm grasp on the technical side of shooting until my 3rd child was born 8 years ago. I didn’t photograph anyone very regularly until I had children. 

Summer Murdock interview

I love traveling and experiencing new places. That is VERY inspiring to me. Our lifestyle makes it difficult to travel all over the world so I try to dig deep and find things off the beaten path around me. My whole family has a great love for the outdoors and going on adventures and I find myself feeling incredibly inspired by these places. Finding interesting light is always inspiring to me. I love the being in and around the water. My kids and watching them experience life is very inspiring to me.  They see the world with such a fresh and open perspective and remind me to be childlike. Adults can learn a lot about happiness from kids.

Summer Murdock Wildling Magazine
Summer Murdock Wildling Magazine

Motherhood has changed everything. I have four kids and they are growing so fast. For now I try really hard to keep a balance. Time is flying by and I figure there will be plenty of time for me to work more when they are all in school but I won’t get back these years while they are young. I do think it’s really good for my kids to see me working hard at something that I am so passionate about though so I make time to work. Balance is key.

Finding balance and making time to pursue my own dreams has been a constant challenge. Leaning when to say no and what to let pass me by…and when I let opportunities pass, letting it go and remembering that when I am old and gray I will not regret spending more time with my kids….but very likely will regret working too much. 

Summer Murdock

Motherhood has taught me about fierce and loyal love. It has taught me that even when I think I can’t keep going, somehow I can. I have learned that I cannot do everything and that I have to prioritize what is most important. My kids remind me that there is joy in the simple things and to try to be more present, let go and enjoy the ride.