Travel - A European Road Trip

Photographer Caroline Cherrill is no stranger to travelling with her toddler but her recent European road trip was epic by anyone's standards. They travelled 3000 miles and visited thirteen countries over three weeks and two-year old Lily took it all in her stride.

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"We’ve travelled a lot before - when our daughter was 4 months old we went down to Bavaria in southern Germany with her in the car. On this trip we stopped every two hours to change her and feed her and to give her a stretch out, so this really set a president to how well she takes to being in the car. Our only issue with it was after we’d made our way through mountain roads in Italy toward San Marino. Lily would sleep and then wake up and be happy for about an hour before becoming restless. This is the point where I allow a little bit of film watching."

"I think Mediterranean Europe in general loves children, but they’re not geared to it in the same way as Northern Europe with changing stations and children’s meals or step free access. That said, we found everywhere very accommodating. In a few places we were given free gifts at check in or there were special children’s bath toys and toiletries."

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"We had a beautiful pool at the Villa we stayed at in Italy and Lily loves to swim. She also enjoys to eat, so any opportunity to stop and sample the local delights (mostly giant ice creams in Florence) made her day. We travelled to so many cities that we explored on foot and there were so many varied experienced to be had - from running around the main square in Siena to seeing what weird and wonderful things were on sale in the markets of Split, Dubrovnik and Mostar." 

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"We had a wonderful 24 hours in Slovenia where we stayed at Lake Bled. We had fabulous cakes at a cafe on the lake front and then went for a walk around the beautiful lake. The next day we had to leave and went to another lake where we sat in the sun watching Lily paddle in the pebbly water and throw sticks. It's a beautiful country and quite suited to a more relaxed pace. There were so many occasions when Lily would be just running around public squares and parks, chasing birds and being really free to explore. I love to see her laugh and those were the best moments."

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