The flow of the ocean

Words and photography by Kim Ebert. Photographs taken at beaches around the island of Oahu.

oahu sunset family

"We are blessed to have the ocean as our backyard. This is where you'll find us most afternoons. Watching my children play at the beach reinforces in me a belief I've always held - that this is the place we are meant to raise them. My heart swells as I watch their imaginations run free and hear their belly laughs fill the salty air. Time slows. They are living in the moment. Flow. As their Mama, this gift of being present is what I hope they will carry with them as they go through life. Our day-to-day can be so hectic, but at this special place we silence the noise and connect, with ourselves, together as a family and with Mother Nature."

sunset kim ebert
oahu ocean
sunset oahu kim ebert

"The ocean gives us so much. They say the salt water and ocean air contain negative ions which have healing properties and are considered to be nature's mood lifters. I can personally attest to this as our entire family is in a better head space when we are at the beach. We teach our children to respect the power of the ocean, to show kindness to living creatures, and to keep our beaches and water clean. They are quickly developing an awareness of ocean conservation while simultaneously growing their sense of adventure. Our little backyard beach has also gives us a wonderful community. Through the years we have made many friends from the neighbourhood here as the beach is a natural gathering place. Playdates more often take place on the beach than the playground."

swimming oahu wildling
ocean play hawaii
child oahu

"When we first moved back to Hawaii several years ago, our then 3-year old daughter summed up our collective feelings best when she told me one night; 'Mama, Hawaii makes me heart feel good.' It sure does."

oahi hawaii beach
family oahu
palm tree oahu