Artisan Profile - Miss Mighetto

The first time I laid eyes on Miss Mighetto's new 'Into The Woods' characters I was instantly transported in to their magical woodland world. Malin and Anna have created a beautiful collection of four creatures with a timeless pastel palette that appeals to adults and children.

"Malin paints and then Anna writes the stories," they explain. "From the beginning we talked about the characters and decided on their super skills and magical tools. It's like Christmas for us every time - Anna is super-happy when she gets Malin-mail with a new little person to talk about and Malin loves to read the text when her illustrations are are given their personalities."

mrs mighetto willding

"Our 'Into The Woods' characters live in the forest and are the best of friends. They hang out in pairs as Ester and Eric share the same interests and Marta and Ted are so amused by singing. They were all preparing a great show for all of their animal friends in the woods and then something terrible happened so they need to team up and use their superpowers. We believe that we all carry superpowers within us."

mrs mighetto wildling
ester mrs mighetto

Sweden-based Malin and Anna have turned their hobby in to a popular business in a few short months since their launch in Autumn 2014 and have exciting plans for the next step. 'Into The Woods' isn't their first collection and they are already working on new characters.

"We both worked for other companies and have different backgrounds. Anna worked within marketing, PR and product development within retail and Malin as an illustrator and print designer. Mrs Mighetto was a hobby, a very time-consuming hobby like playing golf. We couldn't resists giving it a shot - we felt so much for the products that we just had to do it."

malin anna mrs mighetto

"We have so many ideas and so little time. We have so many fantastic characters in our closet. We keep them in our family for a long time before we put them out there. We have our secret dreams for Mrs Mighetto but if we tell you the magic is gone…."