Beach Days

Words and photographs by Rebecca Lindon.

holkham wildling magazine
holkham beach wildling

He chatters about digging for pirate treasure, being chased down sand dunes by aliens, seagulls hitching a ride on kites and little beach huts where squirrels in underpants live. The open space of the beach fuels his imagination.

running down sand dunes
holkham beach baby
baby holkham beach

And she giggles as sand runs through her fingertips and tickles her toes and she closes her eyes as she pushes her face towards the warm sunshine. These are all new experiences.

beach huts hunstanton
rachel and groms romper
rachel and groms willding
hunstanton beach huts
hunstanton beach
rachel and groms romper

We walk down to the ocean and look out at the expanse, we let it lap around our legs and it heals his skin and our minds. Amidst the regret of earlier sharp words he turns to me and says, 'I'm sorry we argued, let's be friends forever.' I reply 'I'm sorry too, we'll always be friends.' She clumsily claps her hands and squeals with delight. 'I want to live here,' he tells me.

Zeus wears shorts and vest by Tootsa MacGinty and romper by Rachel & Groms. Eve wear playsuit by I Love Gorgeous.