Artisan Profile - Feather Drum

Peace, love and respect - these are all values that we treasure at Wildling Magazine so it's hardly surprising that we were instantly drawn to the bohemian clothing of Feather Drum. Quality fabrics and comfortable designs make for pieces that can be worn through the seasons without loosing their shape. We spoke to the lady behind the brand, Kelly-Lee Wright...

feather drum romper

"I was a corporate lawyer in London for 10 years and continued in the same profession after moving to Sydney in 2010. Stuck in the corporate world I never got the time or opportunity to find my creative outlet. With the news of an impending baby, I became overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration. I had a very clear vision of what Feather Drum was to be. I drew lots and wrote copious notes and ideas, and ultimately breathed life into something that now has a life of its own. I wanted to offer something different to what I saw available in the market, something with a design edge, something a little bit bohemian and something definitely not pink!"

feather drum wildling

"I read all the reports following fashion week and love to see what new trends are emerging, but I'm not totally led by them. My environment and nature, both in terms of fabric selection and prints, are a huge influence. Flora and fauna are clearly present in all of my collections, but really inspiration can come from anywhere. For example, my Stone Rose print from the Lost Oasis collection was inspired by an old sofa someone had illegally dumped by the roadside and was fading and rotting away in the sun."

feather drum wildling

"As I'm designing for children, the main priorities though are fun, function and fit. In that order. For me if it's not fun, there is nothing new and fresh being imparted. There is no honest contribution to something different. I spend a lot of time in the design process on making garments that have a purpose, and fit really well. I am so lucky to have some very talented people on board that ensure the final product is the best that could be delivered."

feather drum interview

"I grew up in a village just outside of Skipton in the North Yorkshire Dales in England, but my clothes definitely don't reflect that, so I think it's true to say that my travels have hugely influenced my designs. My boys range is very much influenced by the huge surf culture that I'm surrounded by on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Manly Beach is now home so it's hard not to be inspired by the sun, sea and sand. But even then I like to inject influences from different continents - India and Asia being favourites as exemplified in the girls range. I've just returned from Indonesia where I visited a traditional Batik factory. I'm sure at some point those influences will creep into a future print, but perhaps I should go back to my roots first and garner inspiration from the Bronte sisters for my next range!"

feather drum interview

"Both my partner and I are strong believers that travel is one of the best forms of education, not just for children but for adults too. Our daughter had travelled from Australia to 7 different countries by the time she reached her second birthday. Language, culture, customs, history… you can learn about it in a classroom, but you can't feel or appreciate it the same way as actually being there - living and breathing in the atmosphere, the sights and smells."

"Respect, understanding and acceptance of other people's traditions and beliefs are important values that I want my daughter to grow up with."

kelly-lee wright feather drum

"What's next? I'm excited to be able to respond to the public's feedback and increase my size range. As from my SS16 Collection, my designs will run to size 12. There are a few other things but they're staying up my bohemian sleeve for now."