Artisan Profile - Nor-Folk

Hailing from the same British county as Wildling Magazine, Fiona and Bobby Burrage are the husband and wife team behind the super-stylish childrenswear brand Nor-Folk. Bold and timeless, the Nor-Folk range is heavily influenced by their background in design. We spoke to founder and creative director Fiona about her inspirations and vision and how she has turned an idea in to a strong business in the space of a few short months.

"Myself and my husband, Bobby, co-run The Click Design Consultants, a graphic design consultancy and we specialise in branding," explains Fiona. "Our client list is diverse and ranges from a cathedral to a technology company but we also love working with new start-ups. Since founding Nor–Folk, I’ve stepped back from day-to-day operations at The Click but still assist when needed."

nor_folk tshirt

"Once our son, Stanley, was born I started to use Instagram to document our lives and began to witness and learn about the power of social media. Stanley started to get offered brand rep gigs and it was really exciting. One evening I had the light bulb moment that we could do what these guys did but we could do it differently and Nor-Folk was born. We chose a name that wasn't limiting and allowed us to grow (globally) whilst also celebrating where we live."

stanley nor_folk

"Design and aesthetics are incredibly important to us and we think that good design is as relevant for adults as it is for children. Where we can, as much as possible, we like to use Norfolk contributors to share parts of their lives and interest as well as employing local firms to produce our products. We want to, in some way, help position our county as cool and design led to those outside who aren't necessarily aware about everything we have to offer."

nor_folk wildling

"As well as being a designer I am a marketeer, so behind everything I post, share, tweet is a strategy and I've been doing so much behind the scenes research that I was quietly confident this could be exciting and, in turn, successful. I am so encouraged by how supportive friends and the wider community have been. I still get excited when I see someone carrying our tote around in our city."

nor_folk vest

"We're about to launch a further five new lines and then the bigger picture aside of new ranges is to get the tees produced to spec and organic cotton – and that's just the childrenswear!"