Artisan Profile - Head Regal

We stumbled across Head Regal during a long rambling journey through Instagram (follow us @wildlingmagazine). It's such a fertile breeding ground for mothers who are running creative businesses whilst trying to raise children and the community is strong and supportive. Head Regal craft gorgeous kantha blankets and handmade bags and their business was launched following a discussion between two friends (Amber and Barbie) about the importance of keeping your individuality after having children.

head regal interview

Amber - "I think that Head Regal is inspired by sisterhood, motherhood and individuality. When Head Regal was born, we were both in a place of transition and redefining ourselves as women. We wanted to create a line that kept tradition in the home in a unique way and allowed women to creatively express themselves after having children. We quickly learned that this need to express one's self resonated with other women as they shopped our one-of-a-kind functional designs at private sales. The brand just exploded from there as we simply made things that we loved."

Barbie - "Amber and I had both gone through similar life experiences - divorced and now single mamas. We were dear friends back in our teenage years and had lost contact after our lives took us down different paths. We found each other on Facebook back in 2010 and reconnected to find that our sisterly love had never been lost. We were both so in love with kantha quilts from India and Amber had made a headboard from one for her new home."

"One night we had this crazy idea of creating and making our homes beautiful and magical and sharing this with others. We came up with the name Head Regal, bought the domain and started mapping out this new life over sushi. Our idea was to make what we love, be creative and set an example to our kids. It was almost a driving force to find ourselves again in the depths of heartache and loss. We held on tight to each other and reminded one another to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We made a pact to never give up!"

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Amber - "We describe our personalities as hippie-bohemian-beach-cowgirl-punk and every one of those have been infused into our products at one time or another. We just make things we love and use. Sometimes we will have a different take on something and that just makes the final product even better. It's a relief to have two sets of eyes on something since we usually always bring something unique to the table, something the other didn't see."

Barbie - "We are continuously inspired by women of other cultures, textiles from other countries as well as our American roots. Head Regal is truly a collaboration of eclectic ideas, functionality and more than anything… comfort. We love anything with a story, then to allow that story to become our own."

kantha blanket head regal

Barbie - "We are just finishing our new line which is inspired by vintage indigos from around the world and our old American roots. Will we ever be done with demin? NEVER. Everything is made here in Los Angeles and we take pride in the craftsmanship and fine detail that is put into everything we make"

Amber - "The idea is to tap into the nostalgia we all feel for our favourite pair of jeans and put it into the home. We are making vintage denim full fuzzed blankets and a pillow collection. We take our time exploring leathers and fabrics because we are new designers and we've had to 'learn the ropes'. Nobody can really know what we are going for and guide us so we've had to find the perfect fuzz, old brass hardware, the distressed leathers reminiscent of old saddles etc. all on our own and if we couldn't find it, we've had to create it."

head regal wildling interview

Amber - "We really made it a point to create Head Regal around our children's needs and hours. We have 5 kids between the two of us and they are all worthy of our full attention. We started Head Regal with the understanding that it simply had to flourish and survive within the hours of 8am - 2pm - while the kids were in school. We stop everything when our children need us and the other understands and supports. I guess you could say that our biggest challenges in motherhood have, in a sense, created Head Regal - motherhood and family is simply interwoven."

Barbie - "I was born to be a mama. I used to dream about it as a little girl and couldn't wait to be called Mommy one day. I have 3 kids and to watch them transition through life and to be given the gift of guidance is a privilege in my eyes. I was a teenage mom at 17 and truly grew up with them. This journey has been the most magical of my life. I feel as if they chose me so I honour this in every aspect of the word. They have taught me unconditional love, patience, acceptance and to just be in the moment. Time is moving so fast and all we have is today!"

"My son Lyon has a rare, incurable form of cancer. He was diagnosed at the age of 4 and is still battling it today. Getting through the fear of this illness and learning to accept life on life's terms has been one of my biggest lessons. Trying to keep a sense of normalcy in the home for the other two and counting to live life everyday as it could be your last is an ongoing challenge. We have been trudging this road for so many years now that I have adapted to this way of life. In hindsight it is truly a blessing."

"We have started a non-profit called Cozy Courage because of this path. We make cozy blankets and distribute them to other children fighting cancer. People contact us all the time to send them out. These little things fill Amber and I up. We always wanted Head Regal to be a give-back company and this just made sense. It's so close to home and we have been told how much comfort our blankets have brought people. So I guess you can say this journey has affected our business immensely."