Images by Abi Quisenberry.

'Revolution starts with me.'

abi q blacklivesmatter

Abi Q is something of a lone voice as a white mother speaking out on racial issues in America and worldwide. Many of us watch from afar with despair and concern but do little to drive change. Meanwhile Abi is continually challenging others to address their beliefs. This visually eloquent series of images, shot on polaroid, shows her own family standing together in the face of a string of violent, racially motivated events in America. 

In Volume 2 of Wildling, Abi will be sharing her thoughts on the importance of connecting her adopted children with their heritage and culture. Whilst they are young she is standing up for their rights and teaching them to stand on their own when the time comes. Follow her story and Instagram.

abi q blacklivesmatter
wildling blacklivesmatter

As mothers, we have a responsibility to raise our children to understand that we are all one. No man or life is worth less than another. We must all stand together.

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wildling magazine blacklivesmatter