Volume 2

I'm so excited for our readers to see Volume 2 of Wildling Magazine - it is bigger and bolder than our launch issue and brimming with positivity and parental support. 

Wildling Magazine Volume 2

Exploring the schooling system and education options is something I've been navigating in recent months and I found Zalmy Berkowitz' article on 'Unschooling' led me down a refreshing new path of considering homeschooling for my children. Picky eating is another issue I've been experiencing at home and Kylah Dobson of Seasonally Nourished's advice on making slow changes has been invaluable when approaching mealtimes. 

Zalmy Berkowitz Unschooling

On a more spiritual level, reading artist Erin Wetzel's view on life and motherhood was so refreshing and freeing and I would urge all pregnant women to read the article on natural birthing from Gemma Challis - it would have revolutionised my confidence in giving birth to my son. I met Gemma just a week before my daughter was born and I fully credit her for the positive state of mind that made for an easy, calm birth. Teaching kindness, raising  Freedom Fighters, the power of family pets and single parenting are other stories told in Volume 2.

Gemma Challis The Norfolk Retreat

As part of a wonderful community group of female photographers, I watched helplessly and with such admiration as Kristin Young continued to support her fellow artists whilst simultaneously carrying her son through treatment for paediatric cancer. October is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and a fitting time for Kristin to share that journey. I particularly resonated with her realisation that sometimes she isn't and can't be Superwoman. That sometimes we need support and, as mothers, that can be difficult to admit. Of course, she still looks like Superwoman to me - a mother who shows such grace and strength in the face of adversity.

Kristin Young Wildling Magazine

Volume 2 is also filled with inspirational travel stories (Faroe Islands, Iran and Bahamas) and beautiful fashion editorials plus photography and recipes. I hope you enjoy reading it and please let us know your thoughts as we love hearing from our readers!

Rebecca Lindon fashion photographer
Image by Tim Coulson.

Image by Tim Coulson.