Volume 7

Our Winter 2016 volume of Wildling Magazine takes us on a journey around the world, hearing from parents living in the wilderness of NorCal, co-parenting in Hawaii, mothering on the south coast of England and travelling through Peru, India and Wales with our travel diaries.

sunset Wales

Our writers draw us inward, sharing the emotional side of motherhood - morning the passing of time with Candice Jones Peelman and understanding the importance of our words with Vicki Wood. Leanne Vice humorously accepts that mothering boys can sometimes mean living your life in a constant state of 'mild chaos' whilst Abi Quisenberry reveals her fears for her boys under the new Trump presidency.

Abi Quisenberry Wildling Magazine

We share artisan profiles on the women behind Trunkaroo and Scamp & Dude, alongside the uplifting art of Theo Carter-Weber. Plus there's beautiful photography, fashion and more. Enjoy!

Julie Guertin double exposure
Theo Carter-Weber interview
Theo Carter-Weber interview