Wild Spring

At the start of this year, father and graphic designer Laurence Jarrett-Kerr challenged himself to '31 Days of Wild' - a pledge to spend time amongst nature and enjoy some fresh air each and every day for the month of January. As a city dweller, this sometimes meant a lunchtime walk in the local park or splashing through the woods with his children but it also meant muddy night-time runs, long cycle rides to the beach or hikes in the hills around his hometown of Bristol. Following Laurence’s journey and witnessing his commitment on the coldest and rainiest of days was truly inspiring and now we’re joining together to launch a family initiative; #wildspring.

wild spring wildling magazine

Starting on 20th March at the Spring Equinox through to 20th June on the Summer Solstice, we’re asking families to commit to getting wild at least one day a week. Spring has notoriously changeable weather but come rain or shine, it’s time to venture into the big outdoors and breathe, laugh, run and climb with your family in tow. There are so many reasons to spend time out in nature, from stress relief to increased fitness but most importantly, allowing children to connect with the natural world helps develop problem-solving, confidence and fuels their creativity.

We’d love to see your photographs of time spent enjoying the outdoors each week so be sure use the hashtag #wildspring on Instagram. We’ll be linking up with some great brands to offer weekly prizes and Week 1 includes a copy of Wildling Magazine Volume 3 and this gorgeous organic “Through The Trees' tee designed by Laurence. If you’d like to read more about Laurence’s journey during his #31daysofwild then hop on over to his blog Chasing Wilderness

chasing wilderness tee
Wildling Magazine Volume 3