Inherit The Green

Thank you so much to those of you who have been joining us on our #wildspring journey as we ask families to commit to getting out into the wild at least once a week with their children. Today we're sharing the story of photographer Cara Brostrom and her 'Inherit The Green' project. We'll let her tell you about this inspiring year of her life....

Cara Brostrom inherit the green

This project was an effort to get my family outside, everyday, all year long. To find the wildness right outside our doorstep, to realise what exists just beneath the surface of the landscape of the city. Dirt, rain, sunshine, growth, and the rhythms of nature which we are all subject
to, even in the midst of the constructed landscape. It was my desire to begin to shape an inheritance of the natural world for my daughter, and to document this act.

Our actions were simple:
to spend time outside with my family
to live our daily rhythm with intention
to discover and participate in the landscape we call home

Cara Bostrom Inherit The Green
Cara Bostrom Inherit The Green
Cara Bostrom Inherit The Green
Cara Bostrom Inherit The Green

One afternoon on a walk in the park near our home, my daughter stood at the side of the path and touched each blade of grass, one at a time. It was such a small action, but so dear. It taught me to slow down, to take a moment to be and observe, to be with my child at her own pace.

Because my child is quite young, she didn’t have a strong memory of the seasons yet. When it was winter, she had no longing for summer. She didn’t quite remember it. For  her the season was simply the present moment. And there was so much to explore within that!  No longing for what was to come next. It was such an honest reminder to find the beauty in the moment we are in.

We look forward to spring because it is a sign of the glory of summer to come. It is very easy to live within that narrative of longing all year long. A child reminds you to connect deeply with the wonder of now. So that within each bud and bloom lies wild adventure.

Cara Brostrom wildspring
Wildling Magazine wildspring

Take a moment, slow down, take your kids outside with no particular place to go. Be still together. Run together. Pick up sticks. Wear a raincoat so you can get really wet. Lay in the grass and look at the sky. The outdoors provides limitless opportunity for your child to research, get messy, move their bodies, and exist within a space free from the demands and distractions of home. Let  them lead. Be led.

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“And You Inherit the Green” 
from Rainer Maria Rilke’s Book of Hours:

And you inherit the green

of vanished gardens

and the motionless blue of fallen skies,

dew of a thousand dawns, countless summers

the suns sang, and springtime to break your heart

like young woman'sletters.


You inherit the autumns, folded like festive clothing

in the memories of poets; and all the winters,

like abandoned fields, bequeath you their quietness.

You inherit Venice, Kazan, and Rome;


Florence will be yours, and Pisa's cathedral,

Moscow with bells like memories,

and the Troiska convent, and the monastery

whose maze of tunnels lies swallowed under Kiev's gardens.